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Fresh Black Fungus mushrooms will last up to 2 weeks, and are best stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator (set to roughly 2°C).

Our Black Fungus mushrooms are packaged fresh and without their tough stem.

While Black fungus mushrooms don’t pack as much flavor as other mushrooms, they are beloved for their slippery, slightly crunchy texture which makes for an exciting bite in a soup or stir-fry. Note:Love hot and sour soup? Black Fungus mushrooms are the mushrooms of choice for this Chinese specialty.

Yún'ěr, Máomù'ěr, Mù'ěr, Mok yee / Champignon Noir / Wolkenohrpilz / Jamur kuping / Orecchio del legno / Mogi beoseot / Cendawan Kuping / Hongo Oreja de Madera / Hed hunu / Nấm mèo

A.K.A. cloud ear, hairy wood ear, wood ear, tree ear, black Chinese fungus, wood ear fungus, ear fungus, tree ear fungus

Black fungus (Auricularia auricularia)


Just add them in ?

Exotic mushrooms are easy to add to any dish so always have mushrooms on hand. They go with whatever you're cooking. has packaged the best mushrooms you can get into three special mixes to make it even easier to grab mushrooms for whatever recipe you're preparing.

Whether you're cooking risotto, soup or a pot roast, looking to stirfry, saute or make pasta, or going with a barbecue, hot pot or noodle dish, we've got the mix … and a recipe, if you need one.

Try one of our amazing recipes or share one of yours with us. Take some snaps as you're cooking, write a few notes, and send them through.

Exotic mushrooms in the mix ?

Adding exotic mushrooms to any dish is an easy yet rewarding way to infuse complex flavours into your meal- whether it’s soup, pasta or even a BBQ; the possibilities are endless. Cooking with exotic mushrooms is also a delicious way to introduce essential nutrients and antioxidants into your everyday cooking that is achievable at any level- if you can cook an egg, you can create with mushrooms! It’s that simple.

We at Picture-foods are all about sharing exotic mushroom recipes from different cultures here in Australia and around the globe. Whether you’re a professional chef or cook, or someone who simply enjoys cooking at home, we would love you to join in our obsession in shining the spotlight on one of the world’s healthiest foods!

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